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Personal Planning Philosophy

Plan Your Financial World like a Championship Team

A successful financial plan includes both defense and offense, or a combination of benefits, savings and investments. The result is a complete and comprehensive arrangement.

However, being able to view one’s personal financial situation on a single page model, allows an individual to see the level of coordination and efficiency that exits. Otherwise, the client's plan is an aggregation of financial decisions that often work independently of each other. Typically, lack of coordination leads to inefficiency. When involving money, that often results in increased risk and loss of wealth.

Using a single page “econometric” model, adds a process to one’s financial decision-making process. Its provides a dynamic process to making financial decisions objectively. It’s the difference between a "process" driven approach vs. a series of "product" decisions.

If you think about it, any successful business, professional organization or sports franchise speak about their process to achieving the success they have accomplished…or are in the process of accomplishing. Why should it be any different in the way individuals plan for their personal objectives, regardless of the amount of money one makes or assets they currently own?

It’s not!

An individual’s “model” is their “personal economy” that consists of a variety of legal documents, insurance contracts, benefits, savings and investments, as well as loans, debts and other financial arrangements. It is not a collection of a series of "one off decisions" made at different points throughout their lives. Without the coordination of all these items, the process of achieving what’s possible in terms of wealth, benefits, retirement income, and perhaps legacy planning, is often compromised and inefficient resulting in greater risk, less money, and benefits. Incorporating a methodology to the process will increase the opportunity to achieving better financial results, and with that, greater confidence in having the desired financial future.